Canopy Advisory Group has a network of experts in various industries including finance, non-profit, and marketing. They wanted a website to showcase the quality of the professionals in their network.


The Process

Our process relies on close collaboration with our clients to help them identify website goals and architect a site that helps them accomplish those goals.

After initial discovery conversations, we created a set of wireframes for the website to help them organize their communication into structured messages that breakdown the impact their network can have on an organization.

Our wireframes are designed to create and evaluate the structure of the website and the messaging hierarchy before focusing on typography, colors, photography, and other design elements. We believe that this enhances the impact design of the site and makes sure that the content of the site is as powerful as the presentation.

The Result

Ready Fire built a website that included well-crafted copy, purposeful design, powerful expert search, and SEO research to showcase Canopy’s expertise and powerful network. The focus was on using client testimonials and examples to build trust in Canopy’s experts and process. The site serves as a hub for marketing initiatives to potential clients for Canopy.

We continue to partner with Canopy to support their client initiatives using the website.