The Design-Build Institute of America had been holding a conference for several years but was having trouble getting information and excitement out to prospective attendees and there were consistently unsold tickets for the conference. They needed a partner to promote to provide consistent social media with great design.


Plan to Succeed

The biggest key to social media is consistency. Before we came on as a partner, they were posting a flurry of social media posts in the weeks before the conference, after they ran into low attendance numbers. The first thing we did was set up a posting calendar that followed a set of themes in the run-up to the event. Next, we found some issues with the way their Facebook and LinkedIn pages had been setup so we corrected those issues. We sent the client designed posts to approve each week and posted them regularly every Friday.


Consistency across all platforms

By posting consistently for months before the conference, we were able to build up an excited following on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so that people were excited to signup the day that the registration opened up. That enthusiasm helped the conference sell out a month early.