WordPress Website Design and Development

We have over 20 years designing and developing custom WordPress websites for clients in a variety of industries.

The head and the heart

Making a great site takes a combination of using the head and the heart. The science needs to be there to make sure the customer can find the site through SEO, well-structured content, and site usability. But the creativity needs to be there to elicit emotion and connection between you and your site audience.

Discovery: objectives, timelines, and getting to know each other

We start by working together with the client to define what success looks like and then outlining timelines, and solidifying the process to make sure we achieve it. We want to get to know each other so we feel comfortable knowing how to communicate well. If we know you well then we can make sure your site audience can get to know you.

Using wireframes to plan for success

After listening to the client on site needs and objectives, we create wireframes, which is like an architect’s blueprint. We use them to get feedback both from clients and potential site users before moving into the design phase.

This also makes the design phase more effective as we’ve already made decision about what goes on key pages and how should the content be structured.

WordPress themes your way

There are a lot of ways to build wordpress themes and not all of them are pretty. We take usability into consideration when building themes so that not only is it usable for site visitors, but also easily maintained by site administrators.

We want your site to have longevity, be easy to maintain, and have full backup & security.