Larkburger came to Ready Fire wanting a fresh new look for their digital presence based on updated illustrations they had installed in their Colorado locations. We built a new website for their brand and created an online brand to go with the new look.


New Photographic Style

Because the core of the Larkburger brand was the food, created by¬† a well-known chef, we decided to make the food the “hero”. We created a visual style that made the food look large and architectural and created whimsical illustrations.


A Tasty Graphic Style

The new style included bold fonts and up-close delicious food. We wanted people to feel like they could reach out and grab the food they saw on their social feeds.


Connecting with Colorado

We created a whimsical style for social media posts that connected with Coloradan’s connection to the outdoor lifestyle. We maintained the social media calendar and posted regularly to maintain a consistent presence in customer’s social media feeds.