Lantz-Boggio Architecture provides top-notch architecture for senior living centers, government buildings, health care, and commercial buildings. They wanted a fresh, modern website that showcases their expertises and does a deep-dive into case studies. We spent time architecting a site that uses videos and lots of photography and allows them to easily add detailed case studies of their work.


Architecting the site

We spent time creating wireframes for each important page template that allowed us to think through how best to structure the site and identify copywriting before diving into site design.


A modern content-rich design

We presented several design options and made sure to show off the beauty of their architecture and interior design. We didn’t want to overwhelm site visitors with a text-heavy site but rather show off their work with video, photography, and impactful headlines. The design was simple so that users of any industry or age group could easily navigate the site.

We took care to design the site to display just as beautifully on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Photo of the Lantz-Boggio website homepage

Showcasing the Portfolio

We created a beautiful case study page for each project they wanted to feature, showcasing photos of the outside and interior. The project details break out key pieces of information and use pull-quotes to make it easy for people to get a clear idea of what makes the project special.


The Team at Their Best

We photographed the entire team in a unified style that matched the refined look of the website. We placed quotes throughout the site so potential customers can get a feel for the personality and expertise they would be working with.

Screen shot of the About section of the Lantz-Boggio website

The Goal

Powerizer is a revolutionary product, from the founder of OxiClean, that cleans any room in the house including dishes and laundry. While the powder works great, consumers have shown a preference for other forms of detergent such as pods. In addition, Powerizer had a website that was drawing traffic but not converting to sales.

Powerizer worked to make their all-natural powder into pods that work in both the dishwasher and washing machine and asked Ready Fire to help make the website convert more sales and create videos with effective messaging about their new product.


The Process

Through conversations with customers, Powerizer found that the website was overly complicated having too many messages. Though Powerizer is completely plant & mineral-based, people weren’t picking up that through the design and messaging.

Ready Fire worked to redesign the homepage and product pages to simplify the design and messaging around the simple message: All-Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner. We chose a simple palette of white design with earthy green as an accent color.

We also took a series of photographs of bright, fresh photography to further accentuate the all-natural message of the product. Next, we concepted a series of simple videos that simply shows the product in-action because we understood that if people can simply see how amazing this product works, they will be motivated to try it.


Real Results

Powerizer recently had a product launch of their new pods backed by a video showing a side-by-side of the pod working in both the dishwasher and the washing machine. The outcome we’re most proud of is that the conversion rate on the website has doubled since launching the homepage redesign.

Egg Strategy provides highly strategic and innovative services to Fortune 500 companies. The website needed to clearly convey their services clearly as well as showcase their innovation through the website design and flow.


The Process

Egg came to us with a strong sense of who they are and how they wanted to communicate their services. We used our experience architecting website messaging, hierarchy, and structure to collaboratively create wireframes to make sure the site effectively communicated their services and approach. The wireframes allowed them to get internal feedback from senior leadership about site structure and messaging. It also facilitated copywriting and design of the site.


The Result

Ready Fire created a website that uses highly interactive design, parallax movement, smart copy, and high-quality photography to convey Egg Strategy’s highly innovative work. We also created smart layouts to showcase case studies and articles in a sophisticated way to allow potential clients to get an insight into what Egg can do for them.